Meet Vicki C. A PCA from the Hermitage office, she is determined to help her consumers keep their independency. She cares for them in any way she can. She assist with their everyday activities which in return helps them to be more independent. She wants her consumers to feel safe and cared around her which they do.

Q: And can you tell me about yourself?

“My name is Vicki Coleman. I’m 46 years old. I have four grandkids, two grandkids, and I love what I do.”

Q: And how have you been working for CRI?

“Two years.”

Q: Nice. How did you know that this career was a career for you?

“I had an aunt with special needs. She was deaf and mute, and because of her, I do what I do.”

Q: Were there any challenges that you faced while working at CRI?

“No. I haven’t had a problem at all.”

Q: How do you connect with a consumer on a personal level?

“I try and find things that we have in common, things that they like, what they don’t like, when they need me to listen, when they need me to talk, things like that.”

Q: And you said you connect with them on topics. What kind of topics do you usually talk to them about to get them open up?

“Anything and everything. Animals, their past experiences. They have a lot to teach us. Just anything that I can find common ground that we can relate to on.”

Q: Nice. And if I asked your consumers, what would they say they like the most about you?

“That I’m easygoing? I don’t push them. I let them be their self and comfortable with that. I don’t try and force the relationship with them. It just develops naturally. They can feel comfortable being their self and that way they open up.”

Q: Would you recommend this job to somebody else? And why would you recommend this job?

“I would, if you’re interested in make in a difference in somebody else’s life, even though sometimes it’s a very small one. I believe helping others helps yourself, and everybody wins.”

Q: In what way do you help your consumer keep their independency?

“If they are capable of doing something, I fully expect them to do that. I encourage them to do that. I just want them to be able to live to their full potential.”

Q: What are your hopes for your consumers?

“That they walk away at the end of the day feeling unhappy, feeling that somebody cared, somebody was there to help them with whatever they needed, and they’re just living their life to the best of their ability.”

Q: What do you do to de-stress yourself?

“On my days off I run away. I travel. I go look for waterfalls, or to new places.”

Q: About your consumer, if they’re having a bad day and they can’t seem to get past that, what can you do to help them turn it around?

“Trying to find the positives in their life, then focus on that, instead of the negative.”

Q: Was this a re-calling for you then?

“I believe so.”