Our Mission

Mission Statement

Community Resources for Independence, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is committed to preserving, enhancing, and enriching the quality of life for all people with disabilities.

How does Community Resources for Independence, Inc. achieve this mission?

  • By directly providing, or coordinating through referral, those services which help people to increase their abilities to exercise control over their lives thus minimizing their reliance on others to make decisions and to perform every day activities.
  • Through both individual and systems advocacy, CRI seeks to eliminate societies’ attitudinal, environmental, social, psychological and economical barriers to equal opportunities.
  • To greatest extent possible, the services and activities of CRI are peer conducted; as it is strongly held that people with disabilities who have personally experienced attitudinal, physical, and communication barriers are best able to assist persons with disabilities achieve lives with dignity.

Vision Statement

By embracing our mission, Community Resources for Independence, Inc. will strive, in partnership with others, to empower people with disabilities to become fully integrated into society.