Community-Based Services

Community-Based Services & Assistance for Disabled Individuals in Pa.

Community Resources for Independence provides assistance to help individuals living with intellectual and physical disabilities, veterans, and the aging population live a more inclusive and independent life. Whether it’s helping with transportation to and from appointments, grocery shopping, or social activities, CRI can lend a helping hand.

Transportation for the Elderly in Erie, Pa.

CRI maintains a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vans which we use to provide transportation to consumers in need in Erie County. Rides are scheduled and provided for a variety of reasons.

  • To/from medical appointments;
  • For Vocational/Employment (job-related) reasons;
  • When Case Managers will be assisting a consumer with advocacy-related issues;
  • To/from events considered to be a “special request,” such as a wedding, funeral, and other events that promote Independent Living (pending staff availability);
  • To/from meetings at, or scheduled by, Community Resources for Independence;
  • For all consumers who are on the Agency Model of Care through Community Resources for Independence for “other” reasons upon request; and
  • For United States’ Veterans.

If you are in need of transportation services by means of a CRI van, rides must be scheduled at least a week in advance.  Please note that transportation will be scheduled on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.  Also, be aware that there will be times that an extended waiting period may result from several rides being provided on a particular day. With the exception of “special events,” rides will be provided between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Assistance with Errands

Our attendants provide a variety of services to help you live a more independent life, including assistance with errands. We can help with grocery shopping, transportation, doctor’s appointments, and more.

Socialization Activities for Disabled Individuals in Pa.

For individuals living with intellectual and physical disabilities, we understand that it can be hard to feel included in the community, which makes socializing and participating in activities difficult. Our staff will help you participate in your favorite activities and interests, such as:

  • Going to parks
  • Walking on trails
  • Zumba and exercise classes

We encourage social activities like meeting up with friends and will teach appropriate social boundaries and interaction. We can also help you find rewarding volunteer opportunities to give back to the community. We believe these types of activities are necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Many disabled veterans and elderly individuals face social isolation that can lead to loneliness and depression. The regular interaction individuals get with our care attendants helps ease the effects of isolation. These attendants can also help your loved one get back out into the community.

At CRI, we offer more than just in-home care. Our Center for Independent Living provides a range of support for veterans and the aging population. We offer wellness groups, social opportunities, independent living skills training, assistive technology, and more.

Are You Ready for a Helping Hand?

If you are ready to have a helping hand but are unsure of where to begin, our Care Reps can help you build a program that works for you and your unique needs. To schedule a teleconference or in-person consultation, please call or complete the form.