Elderly & Aging

Elderly Support in Pennsylvania

We know that the goal of staying in your home may feel out of reach. With assistance from CRI, you can remain where you feel most comfortable.

Sometimes having a disability or growing older makes living in a residential facility or a nursing home seem like an inevitability. Your family is concerned about your wellbeing and safety; you need some assistance with daily activities, but you want to remain where you are.

CRI is here to help you stay in your home while maintaining your quality of life and restoring your independence. The highly trained staff at CRI can assist you in your daily living activities, transportation, community interaction, and more. A little assistance can go a long way, and we are here for you!

Community Resources for the Elderly in PA

  • In-home personal care services
  • Assistance with grocery shopping
  • Assistance with meal preparation and feeding
  • Help with personal hygiene routine
  • Assistance dressing
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Transportation and assistance with doctor’s appointments
  • Help with managing and cleaning the home
  • Assistance with laundry
  • Community support services
  • Access to wellness group activities
  • Opportunities for social interaction
  • Training sessions supporting independent living
  • Assistive technology

Are You Ready for a Helping Hand?


If you are ready to have a helping hand but are unsure of where to begin, our Care Reps can help you build a program that works for you and your unique needs. To schedule a teleconference or in-person consultation, please call or complete the form.

Family Members

Your loved one wishes to stay in their home, but you are concerned with their wellbeing. At CRI, our services provide you with peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for. We understand that you have children to care for, work obligations, or may simply live too far away. CRI is here to put your mind at ease and ensure your loved one is taken care of.

Whether it’s additional elderly support to take some weight off your shoulders or care and support because your living situation doesn’t allow you to be there, we provide relief from the stress and worries of constant caregiving. Let us help you help your loved one.

Living a Healthy, Fulfilling Life

While in-home care ensures your loved one is cared for physically, interacting with our care attendants can have a huge impact on their lives. Many elderly individuals face social isolation that can lead to loneliness and depression. The regular interaction individuals get with our care attendants help ease the effect of isolation. These attendants can also help your loved one get back out into the community.

Community Resources & Elderly Support: More Than Just In-Home Care

Our Center for Independent Living provides a range of elderly support in Pennsylvania for the aging population. We offer wellness groups, social opportunities, independent living skills training, assistive technology, and more.