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Home Health Care Services in Pa.

The elderly, veterans, and individuals living with intellectual and physical disabilities can live independently with a bit of help. At Community Resources for Independence, we can help assess the activities and areas that an individual needs support with as well as what needs to be done to help them overcome these difficulties.

This evaluation will determine what daily activities the individual needs to be able to complete in order to live a more independent life and what supports can help them reach that goal. We are also able to assist family caregivers with the things they might be struggling with while caring for a relative who needs additional support.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

ADLs are basic activities that an individual must be able to complete on a daily basis for that person to succeed. Typically these activities are divided into five categories.

  • Personal Hygiene: The basic daily activities of bathing and grooming, also including oral, nail, and hair care.
  • Continence Management: An individual’s physical and mental ability to properly use the restroom.
  • Clothing: An individual’s ability to wear the properly selected articles of clothing for different occasions.
  • Feeding: The individual’s ability to feed themselves and whether they need assistance.
  • Mobility: The individual’s ability to transfer or move from one position to the next and their ability to walk on their own.

The key to restoring an individual’s independence is understanding how these activities impact their daily living. Determining whether they can care for themselves and what areas they need assistance in helps align what supports and programs would be beneficial to them. It also helps determine what funding an individual might be eligible for.

Lifestyle Activities of Daily Living

These are the activities an individual must complete that support their lifestyle. These activities are a bit more complex than basic ADLs, but they affect the person’s ability to live a full and thriving independent life.

  • Companionship and Mental Health Support: Ensures that a person receives the help or support that they need to remain in a positive state of mind.
  • Transportation and Shopping: Determines if a person is able to get around and obtain the necessary items from the grocery store and pharmacy on their own.
  • Meal Preparation: Planning and preparing meals, including shopping for and storing groceries needed to complete meals.
  • Household Management:  Keeping a clean and tidy home, removing trash and clutter, washing, folding, and storing laundry.
  • Medication Management: Determines whether an individual needs assistance getting prescriptions filled, keeping them up-to-date, and taking the right dosage of medications on time.
  • Communication: Managing communication with others, such as phone calls, mail, and making their home welcoming for guests.
  • Financial Management: Determines what help a person needs to ensure bills are paid on time and manage their bank balances and checkbooks.

Even though daily activities refer to both Lifestyle Activities and ACDLs, there are differences between the two and the types of home health care services an individual needs. Typically, we begin in-home care with the areas the person needs the most assistance with.

Hospice Services in Erie, Pa.

CRI’s Hospice Wraparound Program provides end of life care to individuals in need. The program gives consumers the ability to stay in their homes for the remainder of their lives while receiving the care that allows them to maintain independence and dignity. Consumers are referred to CRI by local hospices and staffed by CRI Agency Model Direct Care Workers who assist with activities of daily living and provide respite for family caregivers. Depending upon the number of hours being requested, the fee for this program is through a Private Pay contract based on household income.

Counties Offered:  Crawford, Erie

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