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Community Resources for Independence (CRI) is a community based, non-residential, non-profit corporation that connects community resources for independent living to individuals with disabilities in order to maximize their independence and the accessibility of the communities in which they live. CRI is one of more than 500 federally funded Centers for Independent Living across the nation established by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

Elevating your Quality of Life

Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Restore your independence in your home and community with a helping hand for daily activities, instruction, opportunities, and more.


Many veterans struggle to maintain their independence due to disabilities. We can help you stay in your home as long as possible because you are more than deserving of independence and dignity.

Elderly and Aging

The goal of staying in your home may feel out of reach. Our highly trained staff can assist you in your daily living activities to help you stay where you feel most comfortable – your home.

"It's a very rewarding job!"

CRI is a great place to work! Everyone is friendly and very helpful! The clients are grateful for the help you give them! It's a very rewarding job and you always feel appreciated!

"It feels like you walk into a family when you are a part of the CRI team!"

Great place to work. The Somerset Office is one of a kind. From the office staff, the PCAs, to the consumers you instantly feel the "happy" vibe. We all work together to make it be an enjoyable work place. The consumers call in constantly thanking everyone for everything they do. The PCAs all seem to enjoy what they do for a living and it shows. The office staff is supported by the main office in Erie that is very understanding and grateful. It feels like you walk into a family when you are part of the CRI team.

"They treated me with kindness"

I loved working for CRI in Lewisburg. It is the best job I've ever had. They treated me with kindness and compassion from the moment I started working there. The job makes you feel like you have a purpose and are doing good work. The staff appreciates and recognizes the work you put in and that is hard to find in most employers. CRI does whatever they can do accommodate their clients and employees. I would highly recommend them for employment or as a resource for someone needing their services.

"CRI is a great place to work!"

CRI is a great place to work! Everyone is friendly and very helpful! The clients are grateful for the for the help you give them! It's a very rewarding job and you always feel appreciated!

"I love my job!"

I have been working for CRI for 8 years (Wellsboro) and can honestly say I love my job. I have worked with a variety of men and women over the years. They have shared stories of their lives and just filled my heart with joy. The office staff are always helpful and supportive. If you have compassion for others and are looking for a meaningful job, then come join our team.

"The management actually listens!"

I've only been with this company for under a year, but the way this agency has welcomed me in as a member of their family is astounding! Not only do they care intensely for our consumers, the management actually listens and assists their employees to become better professionals whenever there is an opportunity.

"They are always there if you need anything!"

Great company to work for! No issues whatsoever and if there happens to be, the office is always there to help and solve the issue! Communication is great throughout and they are always there if you need anything or need to work around your schedule!

"CRI is awesome!"

I love CRI. They are SO professional. They don't only care about the clients but they care for the caregivers as well. Anything I need they help me with & always make me feel appreciated. I wouldn't change a thing. CRI is Awesome.

"CRI is the place!"

Community Resources for Independence is a great workplace! Very nice staff and never any issues. If there are any issues they are handled very promptly. If you're looking for a great environment to work for, CRI is the place! They are very well with working with you on your availability and what schedule you'd need to best fit your lifestyle.

"Everyone should really join this company!"

Community Resources for Independence is an awesome company to work for! They are always there and have flexible schedules and actually train/work with you. Everyone should really join this company 🙂 Everyone at the office is easy to get along with also!

"CRI is an excellent company to have around the community"

CRI is an excellent company to have around the community. It's full of wonderful people and staff.

"I haven't worked anywhere else that I have actually liked!"

I have been with the company 14 years and I haven't worked anywhere else that I have actually liked my job. And it wasn't just a place I had to go to because I needed a job. The office staff is there for you when you're going through a personal situation. 


Disability Rights are Civil Rights

Disability Rights are Civil Rights

Saturday, June 22, 2024 is the twenty-fifth anniversary of a landmark civil rights case for people with disabilities, Olmstead v L.C. On June 22, 1999, the Supreme Court determined that people with disabilities have the right to live independently in their community,...

Navigating Challenges in Home Healthcare

Navigating Challenges in Home Healthcare

The field of home healthcare is brimming with purpose. Personal care aides (PCAs) have the privilege of making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals, offering companionship, assistance with daily living tasks, and a helping hand where it's needed most....

Bright, Vibrant, and Active | Home Care in Pa.

We are Community Resources for Independence, and we connect individuals with disabilities to helpful resources for independent living, such as home care in Pennsylvania. By doing so, we provide healthier, happier lives to individuals who might otherwise have been deprived of their independence. Our services are peer-conducted whenever possible because we recognize that individuals with disabilities understand your needs best and have the experience necessary to help you satisfy them.

We support a wide variety of people, so we offer a wide variety of services. Everyone is different, which is why we work with you to determine what assistance will enhance your quality of life the most. We are happy to provide care within the home and beyond. Whatever services you choose will be delivered by a highly-skilled staff devoted to making life easier. Too many barriers prevent individuals with disabilities from living active, independent lives. Let us tear some of those down for you.