Serving Veterans

Independent Living for Veterans in Pa.

You served our country; now it’s our turn to serve you. As a US Veteran, you have made sacrifices to protect our country and our independence. Unfortunately, due to disabilities from your time in the service or aging, you may be struggling with day-to-day life. It’s our privilege to assist you and restore your independence.

United States veterans are a strong group of individuals, but even the strongest people need help now and again. Many veterans find themselves struggling to maintain their independence due to disabilities. You may not have the mobility you once did or be as young as you once were, but this does not need to be a barrier to independent living in Pennsylvania.

You are more than deserving of independence and dignity; CRI is here to help you stay in your home as long as possible. We provide in-home care for veterans with disabilities depending on their eligibility and individual needs.

In-Home Care for Veterans with Disabilities in Pa.

  • In-home personal care services
  • Assistance with grocery shopping
  • Assistance with meal preparation and feeding
  • Assistance with personal hygiene routine and dressing
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Transportation and assistance with doctor’s appointments
  • Help with managing, cleaning the home and laundry
  • Community support services
  • Access to wellness group activities
  • Opportunities for social interaction
  • Training sessions supporting independent living
  • Assistive technology

CRI is always happy to collaborate with the Department of Veteran Affairs to secure the in-home care you need to continue living an active, independent life in the comfort of your own home. As a thank you for your extraordinary service, we will eliminate those little barriers preventing you from thoroughly enjoying your life.

Take advantage of the services available to you

We can help to give you back the independence that you deserve. To schedule a teleconference or in-person consultation, please call or complete the form. We look forward to hearing from you.


We understand the struggle of wanting the best care for your loved one. You want to know that they are going to be safe staying in their home and able to live a dignified and happy life. We also understand that you have children to care for, work obligations, or may simply live too far away. CRI is here to put your mind at ease and ensure your veteran is taken care of.

Whether it’s additional support to take some weight from your shoulders or care and support because your living situation doesn’t allow you to be there, we provide relief from the stress and worries of constant caregiving. Let us help you help your vet.

Living a Healthy, Fulfilling Life

While in-home care for veterans with disabilities ensures your loved one is cared for physically, interacting with our care attendants can also have a huge impact on their lives. Many disabled veterans face social isolation that can lead to loneliness and depression. The regular interaction individuals get with our care attendants helps ease the effect of this isolation. These attendants can also help your loved one get back out into the community.

At CRI, we offer more than just in-home care. Our Center for Independent Living provides a range of support services for disabled veterans. We offer wellness groups, social opportunities, independent living skills training, assistive technology, and more.

Are You Ready for a Helping Hand?

If you are ready to have a helping hand but are unsure of where to begin, our Care Reps can help you build a program that works for you and your unique needs. To schedule a teleconference or in-person consultation, please call or complete the form.