The fight for fair compensation

In the realm of disability advocacy, the fight for fair compensation for caregivers and support staff stands as a cornerstone in ensuring the well-being and quality of life for individuals with disabilities. At CRI, we’re committed to championing this cause, tirelessly advocating for increased Personal Assistance Service (PAS) provider rates and equitable pay for direct care professionals. Through collaborative efforts with other disability advocates and proactive engagement with state legislators, we’re making strides towards tangible change. In this blog post, we delve into the ongoing initiatives, recent developments, and the critical importance of our advocacy work in Pennsylvania. Join us as we explore the journey from advocacy to action, and learn how you too can contribute to this vital movement for fairness and inclusivity.


CRI continues to advocate with state legislators for increased Personal Assistance Service provider rates and thus increased direct care professional pay rates. To get our advocacy message across, our employees are reaching out via letters, emails, and in-person meetings. CRI, in collaboration with other disability advocates, have accomplished so far: In his budget speech, Governor Shapiro called upon the Office of Long Term Living to conduct studies of direct care worker pay rates in OLTL programs, and asked the Office of Developmental to study the rates paid to provider organizations. During this week’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearings with the PA Department of Human Services, members of the Appropriations Committee have questioned DHS on their plans to address the caregiver shortage and the insufficient PAS provider rates. The Appropriations Committee also indicated their interest in establishing a formula and schedule for setting Office of Long Term Living PAS provider rates as part of their fiscal code – this would establish the formula and schedule in law, much like the rate setting formula and schedule established for the Office of Developmental Programs.

CRI continues to advocate for:

  1. An increase in PAS provider rate to cover the rapidly-increasing cost of providing services, which includes pay rates for caregivers and support staff
  2. A rate setting formula that includes all of the costs, requirements, and mandates involved in providing PAS services in Pennsylvania, and a regular schedule for re-establishing that PAS rate in order to keep pace with future inflation
  3. Re-establish the Pennsylvania Medicaid fee-for-service rate to the new PAS provider rate, so that the managed care organizations pass through the increased PAS provider rate.

We continue to advocate with our legislators on behalf of people with disabilities and the care giving professionals who support them. You too can help advocate for increasing the PAS Provider Rate, a rate setting formula and schedule, and an updated Medicaid fee-for-service rate here: