Meet Jill, a PCA from the Wellsboro Office, who has been providing care to people for 5 years! She is kind and down-to-earth, and always ready to lend a hand. We hope you enjoy this interview!

Q: Thank you for joining me. Can you tell me your name and what office you’re from?

“My name is Jill and I’m from the Wellsboro office.”

Q: And how long have you been working for CRI?

“Five years this fall.”

Q: Do you believe the training provided by CRI has helped you do your job effectively?


Q: How do you connect with the consumer on a personal level?

“I usually let them lead the conversation. Sometimes I just talk about just whatever’s going on.”

Q: What would your consumer say that you work well with them with?

“I pretty much just do what they need and what they ask me to do.”

Q: You’re stressed out. What kind of things do you like to do to de-stress yourself?

“I read, I hang out with my kids.”

Q: Do you have any hopes for your consumers? And if you do, what are they?

“Just that they can be comfortable and I can help make them comfortable, I guess.”

Q: What about your consumer? If they’re having a bad day, what kind of things can you do to help them make them have a better day?

“I listen to them and I try to get things done for them, that they need done so that they can relax and just try to have a better day, I guess.”

Q: Can you give me an example of how you help them keep their independence?

“I only do what they asked me to do. I don’t go in there and try to do a bunch of things that I feel they need done.”

Q: So you assist them with only the things they need assistance with?


Q: What is your favorite part about going to work?

“Being helpful and being around the people.”

Q: Have you always wanted to help care for people?

“I’ve probably always been a little bit that way, maybe, but I didn’t realize that I would enjoy this kind of work until I did it.”

Q: My last question for you is, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, what would you rate CRI?

“I guess I give them an eight because nobody’s perfect. I do enjoy working there, it’s a good company to work for, but there’s always improvement. They do have different awards and stuff that makes me feel appreciated and have money with it too, which is always good.”