Expansion Program

Expansion Program

Description: As a result of a needs assessment survey sent to all consumers in our CIL service area, CRI established an Expansion Program to provide additional services those consumers in our CIL area. These services include:

  • Accessibility – Building ramps or other home modification and equipment.
  • Interpreting – Scheduling an interpreter for meetings.
  • Wraparound (Erie County only) – Additional attendant care for those that are terminally ill.
  • Homemaker – Household assistance with cleaning for those that do not qualify for the attendant care program, live alone or with someone that is physically unable to assist.
  • Housing/Moving – Assistance with moving expenses or first months rent.
  • Special Medical Supplies – Emergency supply kit with such items as Depends™, wound dressing materials, catheters and more.
  • Legal (Erie County only) – Offered for initial legal counsel regarding landlord disputes, divorce, child custody issues and credit problems.
  • Hardship/Emergency – Emergency situations that do not fall into any other categories already addressed.

Funding for this program is limited and individuals may apply for a particular service through their Service Coordinator/Case Manager. Individuals are served on a priority needs basis and the Executive Director has final approval.

Counties Offered: Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Venango and Warren.

Are You Ready for a Helping Hand?

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